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Heavy Metal Leggings

Heavy Metal Leggings

$79.99 $180.00
I know that this is to drive anyone crazy and the best of all is that you can allow yourself to feel this sense of excitement and madness, you just have to be yourself and stop believing that you always have to wear boring clothes.
It is the perfect garment for special occasions and the one that will turn those even more special moments, is the garment with which your mom told you that you would not go out into the street like that. :)
If you sing or play in a band this is the garment with which your audience will remember you and with which you can offer a very special image.

Faux leather shiny leggings with adaptation of spikes, rings and detachable chains.

I like to do unique and unrepeatable things and I also want buyers to know that they have something unique and special so I will only make 3 to 5 pieces for the world.