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Finger Bricks FUN Finger Spinner/Toy

$14.95 $19.99

This very fun toy or spinner allows you to have fun anywhere on the go. Can also be used to help relive stress from everyday life or help relive symptoms of Anxiety, ADHD, or Autism.  

  • Quality: Spinner is made out of quality materials to ensure durability 
  • Convenient:  Spinner is light, small, and can be used anywhere for fun. 
  • Relive: This toy will help calm you down and help relive you from everyday stressors. 
  • Hand Inspected: Our hired experts inspect each spinner carefully by hand to help ensure quality. 
  • Exclusive Design: These special, limited edition, custom made products, specially designed by us, won't last long. They are flying off the shelves. Get yours today before we run out of inventory. Not SOLD in stores or anywhere else. 
  • Support A Good Cause: A percentage of our sales from this product are donated to charity. 
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